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Hyderabad Food Pages

After a gap of two years, Ohri’s re-launched 100° – Sizzlers and Wings’ – sizzler specialty restaurant at Shilparamam complex, a couple of months ago. Earlier, it was located on Necklace Road and many Hyderabadis were sad that their favourite restaurant had closed down. But it is now in the heart of the IT corridor.

For the food lovers, the ambience of the restaurant is completely Wild West. The assistants here are dressed in western style completed with a cowboy hat. For seeking any assistance, the guests have to pull a trigger of the bright colourful vintage guns kept on each table.

Started off with 100 degrees Nachos, crisp Tortilla chips served with hot Mexican salsa and cheddar cheese sauce and had a bite of Potato wedges and Cheese Jalapenos. At 100 degrees, the menu starts with Chicken Wings that are custom made in a range of sauces as per the choice of the guests. Sauce options can be chosen as per the spice meter - from mildest to hottest including peri-peri and bhoot jholakia (one of the strongest chilli from Assam).

Coming to the main specialty of the restaurant, there are more than 35 varieties of Veg and Non Veg sizzlers which are made from the hottest ingredients and Ohri’s secret seasonings. Here again guests are spoilt for choice with close to seven sauce options available for those who like to customize their dish. The Signature Sauces are homemade and prepared fresh daily. The Robust Garlic Sauce is chunky garlic sauce with a zesty flavour of roasted garlic. The Spicy Pepper Sauce is hot sauce with crushed peppers along with an authentic Worcestershire sauce. The Creamy Buttery Mushroom sauce is made with button mushrooms, butter and fresh cream. The Sweet and Sour Sauce is a tangy sauce with notes of sweetness. The Italian Tomato Sauce, full bodied tomato sauce with a flavour of oregano, Smokey Barbeque Sauce, most popular sauce with smoky barbeque flavour, Piri Piri Sauce, Ohri’s signature sauce made with special piri piri chillies from South Africa and last not the least Shanghai Sauce that is truly Oriental.

The Florida Salad was easy for the stomach as it was Southern style fresh greens, cheddar cheese, croutons, almond silvers, baby spinach, cucumbers, fresh orange and fruits. A non-vegetarian could have it with herb grilled chicken. Of course, the chef’s choice was the Caesar Salad. Going for Pasta, try the 100 Degrees Barbeque, which is smokey and spicy, made with homemade uniquely flavoured sauce.

In delicacies from the Far-off land, there is Margherita, Chilly Mushroom, Mexicana, Italian Veggie Fiesta, California BBQ Chicken, Smoked Chicken and Pizza Carne. In the Homeland’s Best, for the gourmets, there is BBQ Cottage Cheese, Tandoori Paneer and Tandoori Chicken. For those who love classic sizzlers, with variety of combinations in the most original way, have wide choices to pick from Cottage Cheese Brochette, Mushroom Florentine, Grilled Chicken and Hamburger Steak.

For the Vegetarians, there is 100 degrees Veg. Sizzler, exotic vegetables served with Olive rice and fries. The other dishes on the platter are Paneer Shashlik, Mushroom Satellite, Spaghetti and Cheese, Veg. Cutlet with Noodles and Mushroom, Veg. Cutlet in garlic and pepper sauce, Veg. sizzler with baked beans among others.

Last not the least at Ohri’s 100° with a tempting array of desserts on offer which are not just delicious but attract kids and adults with sweet tooth through their catchy names. From luscious Ice cream shakes called ‘Item Bombs’ to a range of Ice cream specialities named after Indian and International Divas like Jacqueline Dazzle, Kardashian Twist, Sonakshi’s Secret, Katrina’s Mango to name a few.


Food is a special kind of memory. It’s strange, how eating one of your favourite dishes can bring back a flurry of memories with it!!!! There is something about a certain dish that takes you back in time, quite literally, and brings back joyous flashes of enjoyment of you savoring every bite that hits your palate! The taste, smell, and texture of food can be extraordinarily evocative; food makes powerful memories!

Simply South, a tastefully crafted fine-dining restaurant with hand-picked dishes made only with the freshest and finest ingredients catering to the five diverse and superbly delicious cuisines of South India, is simply delightful! One of India’s finest south Indian restaurants, it is Chef Chalapathi Rao’s dream venture, a restaurant that has redefined the way we know South Indian cuisine and preserve its heritage. Chef Chalapathi Rao, fondly known in the culinary world as Chef Challu, is renowned globally for his culinary skills. With over two decades of experience behind him now, he has been instrumental in preserving the traditional South Indian cooking styles from being lost to the world of commercial restaurants. It is these little hidden secrets that Chef Challu brings to the fore with his great creations that the food that you taste here brings back memories!

Amita Lulla, Partner, who started Simply South with Chef Challu, said, “Simply South in a nutshell is a complete South Indian experience. It is like home-cooked food, because we use the freshest and finest of ingredients and use the same methods to cook a dish, which helps retain its original taste, akin to the food cooked by your Mom. The USP of this restaurant is that hidden gems of South Indian cuisine are being brought to the fore by our renowned Chef Challu and the response has been awesome.”

Prarambham, start off with a Tomato Saar (tomato soup enhanced with coconut, cumin and garlic) or Kozhi Saaru (chicken soup blended with Chettinad spices) along with its very popular Telangana Kodi Roast (tender morsels of chicken marinated in fiery spices, roasted to perfection) or Tavala Vada (deep fried patties of lentils and black pepper corns with chopped ginger and green chilli).

From the Telangana menu, do try the Pitta Mamsam Vepudu (fram bred quails pot roasted with a thokky gravy), Uragai Mamsam (tender chunks of mutton cooked to perfection in a pickled masala) and the Telangana Aloogadda Vepudu (potatoes tossed in a special Telangana mixture of garlic, cumin and dry coconut). From Hyderabadi cuisine, do try the Begamati Do Pyaaza (tender chicken cooked in spring onion and coriander) and the tasty Khatti Dal (traditional lentil preparation from Hyderabad). In Andhra cuisine, must-haves are Royala Eguru (prawns marinated with garlic, red chilly powder, lemon and finished in a house special gravy), Chapa Vepudu (fish marinated with freshly ground spices and shallow fried till golden brown) and the Tomato Pappu (tomatoes and lentils cooked with green chillies and delightfully tempered).

In Tamil Nadu cuisine, you have to have the Kozhi Varuval (spicy deep fried chicken) and the Ennai Kathrikai (baby egg plant simmered in peanut, sesame and coconut gravy). In Karnataka cuisine, try the yummy Meen Rawa Fry (fish smeared with special masala, encased in semolina and deep fried) and the Kai Korma (vegetables simmered in gravy of poppy seeds, coconut and ground spices). Coming to Kerala cuisine, have the Meen Papas (a creamy curry of fish cooked with coconut, curry leaves and a tinge of ‘fish tamarind’) and the Malabar Paccha Kari Stew (a fine selection of garden fresh vegetables gently simmered in creamy coconut milk). End your royal food sojourn with the delicious Parupu Pradhman (delectable combination of lentil and jiggery) or the tasty Poosinikaya Halwa (heavenly halwa made with bottle gourd)!

Simply South is simply the best authentic South Indian food you can get! Look no further for super delicious food than this place, anytime!

It’s a place that is true to its name, in every possible way! China by Marco Polo, in its own little way pays tribute to the traveler himself and the great cuisine of China, leaving you asking for more with its authentic, tasty Chinese and a wee bit of Italian food!

Marco Polo, the Venetian traveler whose travelogues introduced Europeans and the rest of the world to Central Asia and China is fondly remembered here. Though the restaurant serves mainly Chinese food, ranging from Hunan, Cantonese, Szechuan et al, it also offers a selected variety of Italian dishes in its homage to the traveler.

Speaking about the restaurant, Saju Nair, Operations Manager, said that “We serve authentic tastes of China and the ingredients are imported too. We stick to its original tastes and are true to its original palate. The response has been positive,” and added that “because Hyderabadis love spice, out of all the types, Hunan and Szechuan are more popular here.”

Chef Nithin Bangera, speaking about the signature dishes of the restaurant said that “Peking Duck, Singapore Chilli Prawns are very very popular,” and added that “Prawns of the Stick is another one of our specialties and so are the Spicy Double Cooked Lamb and Fried Ice Cream.” Another dish that he said that you must try is the Vegetable Egg (yes, a dish that looks just like an egg but is made with vegetables).

Heading to the food, start of your Chinese sojourn with the Burnt Garlic Vegetable Clear Soup or the Corn Crabmeat Soup in Bamboo Cups. On the side for starters, you could have the Crackling Spinach or the Vegetarian Fried Eggs in Hot Garlic or Tai Chin Chicken or Konjee Crispy Lamb or the Slow Fried Cantonese Slice Fish.

Then in the main course, do try the Monk’s Delight or Braised Stuffed Egg Plant Yuheng Style or the Oven Roast Duck with Dry Chilli Aromatic Toss or Devil Chicken or Lamb with Cha Choy and woodear along with the super tasty Burnt Garlic Butter Fried Rice or Spicy Crab Meat Rice or Singapore Rice Noodles. If you are in the mood for some sea food then do try the Whole Chilli Crab or Prawns Hubei Style or Sliced Fish in Hunan Sauce.

For those who also want to add a little bit of Italian to their course, you could have their Chicken ala Kiev, Masala Mafia, Vegetable Lasagne or the Grilled Chicken Steak on a bed of Italian Rice or Roasted Lamb Chops in Meat Brown Sauce or the Grilled Fish Fillet on a bed of cous cous lemon butter sauce.

They also serve Fondue Dishes; Cheese (traditional Italian cheese fondue served with grilled focaccia croutons, savory profiteroles and hot melted emmental, gruyere and cheddar cheese), Non-vegetarian (assorted grilled meats to dip in hot fondue of cheeses – with chicken, lamb, seafood, prawns and crab meat) or Chocolate (served with muffins, marshmallows, brownies); apart from Dimsums (of your choice) and Steam Boat (also known as Hot Pot, refers to several varieties of stew in a simmering pot of steel, where the ingredients are placed into the pot at the table and the cooked food is eaten with a dipping sauce).

End it all with a flourish with their immensely tasty Blue Berry Cheese Cake, Tiramisu or their Famous Fried Ice Cream! These are my favourites, but you could also try the Iced Toffee Lychee with Ice Cream or the Chimmi Cheese Fruit Wraps or Date Pancake!

While there are many other Chinese restaurants in town offering similar dishes, the difference here lies in its novelty and unique Chinese dishes, which you can get only here! Head to China by Marco Polo not just for a great Chinese meal but also to soak in the different flavours of the food it has to offer! You will keep coming back for more, with the delicious variety it has on the platter! And every time you head there, you can try out something different and delicious! China by Marco Polo it is!

There are many foodies, who want to try out new, new tastes. At home, one may be eating purely South Indian or North Indian or Mughlai cuisines, once in a way, a Chinese or a Thai food would be a welcome change. The Golden Dragon restaurant at Taj Krishna is a nice place to savour Cantonese and Sichuan varieties of Chinese cuisines.

Picking to go for lunch at Golden Dragon, one is greeted with copper-antique golden ambience, with paper lanterns, upholstery and linen, synchronizing with the toned-down lighting. As it was daytime, I had the experience of enjoying my lunch soaking in the beauty of the hotel’s gardens and cascading waterfalls.

How do you start a Chinese food? Should one begin with soups or Dim Sums, may not matter as long as you like what you eat. The Golden Dragon restaurant has a wide choice for vegetarians too. After lot of thought began with Dim Sums. Ordered the Fresh steamed vegetable and coriander bao that was prepared well. Also in the Dim Sums variety were Steamed Canton Vegetable Suimai, Pan-Fried Vegetable Shandog Kothe, Szechwan Spiced Mushroom and Green Peas Dim Sum and Hot Steamed Plain Chinese Bread Roll. For the non-vegetarians, there is Steamed Canton Prawn Suimai, Pan-Fried Chicken Celery Shandog Kothe, Maa Laak Spiced Chicken and Ginger Dim Sum, among many others.

The vegetarian Starters had spicy stuff like crispy Tofu Tossed in Chilly Hoi Sin Sauce, Whole Mushrooms in Tangy Chilly Bean Glaze, Crispy Potato Chilly Oil and Tofu Tao Chin. For me it was the Sesame Chilly Lotus Stem, as it was different and tasty for the tongue. For the non-vegetarians too there is a wide choice. The favourite of the non-vegetarians in this was Crispy fried chicken with Dried Chillies and Burnt Garlic. Some of them were trying out Crispy Fried Farm Fresh Pork Ribs with Honey Chilly or Cumin Chilly flavor.

In the soup section, the spicy varieties were the Traditional Hot and Sour Vegetable Soup and Spicy Vegetable and Minced Tofu Broth.

Coming to the Main Course, there are a lot of choices for the non-vegetarians. Be it in Seafood, Fish, Duck, Poultry, Lamb, Pork and Tenderloin. Those of you who are keen on eating good sea food can try the Crab Meat Cooked in Spicy Chilly with Beer Sauce or Hot and Sour Rock Lobster.  For prawn lovers, there is East Coast Prawns which can be had with Szechwan sauce or Cantonese Style or with Oyster sauce. If you are keen to savour Beggars Chicken, remember to order it 24 hours in advance.

In the Tenderloin section, there are a couple of options, but Spicy Mustard Tenderloin and Doube Spiced Mongolian Tenderloin are the chilly varieties. The restaurant has lot of options in every section. Even in the vegetables section, there are options like Dry Chilly Bean Potatoes, Eggplant Yuxian Chilli Sauce, Green Peas and Corn Kernels in Two Pepper Sauce.

Stir Fried Tofu with Cabbage and Vermicelli in Clay Pot looked and tasted different. The chillier variety in this section included the Braised Sliced with Vegetables in Spicy Tiger Sauce. However, one must remember that all dishes may contain Mono Sodium Glutamate unless otherwise requested.

Savoured the Szechwan Vegetable Fried Rice, though there were many choices to spoil in the rice and noodles section.  Foodies gorge on the noodles here as they are considered by far the best noodles. Another advantage here is that quantity for the main course is very big. One need not order again and again.

Coming to the last course of the luncheon, the Dessert section, there was the seasonal Caramelised Fruit Toffee, Crispy Pancake, Crunchy Daarsan or the regular Fresh fruits with ice cream. Chef Hung Fong Ng delights the guests with a show off hand pulled noodles every Saturday.

The aroma of food draws you wherever you are and hunger pangs increase. In our country, many people can drive miles to have good food. Mana Ilu Vasanta Bhavan, a vegetarian restaurant, situated on Road No. 14 Banjara Hills, beside B N Reddy Colony has been drawing lot of visitors. In case you are longing to have filtered coffee and crispy Dosa or spongy Idlis giving the taste of home sweet home, step into Vasanta Bhavan as this is an offshoot of A Muthukrishnan’s Vasanta Bhavan in Chennai.

The restaurant, which is two years old, was inaugurated by Actor Nagarjuna and Director K Raghavendra Rao. Mana Ilu Vasanta Bhavan is part of an international chain of restaurants. It also has branches in London and Abu Dhabi. The good news is that they are opening more branches in the Nawabi city and one is coming up soon in Madhapur.

You step into the restaurant and you will be taken over by its décor. The interior in wood and gold gives it the rich look with Tanjore paintings adorning the walls. Depending on the time of your visit, you have a choice to enjoy your meal in the open spacious verandah which gives the feel of a palatial Victorian Bungalow. I will say a perfect place where you can enjoy your cuppa of filter coffee that takes you to Chennai.

One can sip coffee with a book in hand and take pleasure in soaking the aroma of coffee. It is served in the dabra style. It is a small steel glass and small tumbler where you can mix your coffee to get the frothy substance. And drinking it gives you freshness.

There is a wide range of fare to choose from. If you want to eat light, timeless classics like Dosas, Idlis, Utthappams to the delicacy Idlyappam with Coconut Milk and special Sodhu Idly are available here. Many gourmet lovers say that Vasanta Bhavan has brought the ‘True Taste of Chennai’ to Mana Hyderabad. But there are others who don’t agree. They say items here are very spicy compared to Chennai, probably that is to appease the local taste buds.

Abdul Sattar, Manager, Vasanta Bhavan says: “The restaurant serves South Indian food at its finest. Traditional herbs and spices are used to bring out the subtle nuances in delectable vegetable dishes. On our menu, we have Jain, North Indian and Chinese. We also serve chaats, including samosa chaat, gol gappas, aalu tikki, pav bhajji and bhel puri.”

If you are a Dosa lover, you have a wide choice. You can pick from a plain Dosa to Masala/Onion/Podi Dosa, Paper Roast, Rawa, Onion Rawa, Rawa Masala, Ghee Roast, Ghee Roast Masala, 70 mm, with choice of Onion or Tomato Utthappams. Among other hot favourites you have Upma, Vada, Puri and Pongal.

However, they have a separate section called VB Specials. Under this they serve Ragi Dosa, Karuvpalli Dosa, Set Dosa, MLA Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, Paneer Masala Dosa, 7 Taste Utthappam, Pesarattu, Appam and Ghee Dry Fruit Rawa Dosa. “From 4 to 11 PM, we serve Paranthas, and our speciality is the VB style Chilly Parantha amd Kheema Parantha,” says Abdul. He adds: “In the Jain Menu, food connoisseurs can choose from Dal Fry, Nilgiri Kurma, Gobi Mutter, Paneer Butter Masala, Malai Kofta, Paneer Lababdar, Methi Malai Mutter, Stuffed Capsicum Masala, Shahi Paneer and Kaju Malai Paneer.”

If you want to begin your meal with a soup, Vasanta Bhavan offers Vegetable Clear/Hot N Sour/Manchow, Coriander with Lemon or Chilly, Sweet Corn or Jade Corn, Vegetable Noodles Soup or Wanton Soup. There are starters to go along with it, but they are all the regulars only. They also serve Chinese dishes like Baby Button Mushroom, Manchurian Wet, Ginger Vegetables, Szechwan Vegetables and Hot Garlic Sauce.

If you are a South Indian and want to have North Indian food, the restaurant offers a wide choice. From the regular Tomato Curry, Dal Tadka, Dal Makhani, Kadai Sabzi, Aloo Palak, Gobi Mutter, Palak Paneer, Kadai Paneer, Paneer Shahi Kurma, one can taste Miloni Tarkari, Vegetable Makhanwala, Kaju Masala and Mushroom Butter Masala. These can be had with rice or Roti, Naan or Butter Naan.

For those visiting VB during lunch time can try Vegetable Biryani or Vegetable Pulao, Vegetable Fried Rice, Vegetable Szechwan Rice, Corn Capsicum or Chilly Garlic Fried Rice, Ginger Mushroom Fried Rice or the VB Special Fried Rice. Also on the menu are Curd Rice and Sambar Rice that is served during lunch and dinner time only. Of course there are noodles too for those who love Chinese Food.

Gourmet lovers wishing to try a much richer fare during lunch hours can pick VB Thali, Andhra Thali or North Indian Thali. The restaurant being in spicy Telangana also serves ‘Avakaya’ and other pickles. People with sweet tooth can try Gulab Jamun or Qubani ka Meetha with ice cream, Gajjar ka Halwa, Lucknowi kheer or the regular ice creams. Those looking for sweet Pongal must step in only on holidays.

Being in South India, try out the South Indian food and relish it. It may leave you asking for more. Prices are reasonable. Expect more people during weekends and holidays. Some of them can just drop in for breakfast as the place opens at 7 AM. Before signing off, Abdul Sattar says: “Vasanta Bhavan is known for serving high quality, nutritious, multi-cuisine and homely vegetarian food.”


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