Jan 24th
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Arvind Chenji

Arvind ChenjiArvind Chenji. Warm hearted, humble and a great sense of humour to moot. Oh! And by the way he also happens to be the most famous, talked-about and happening photographer in town…if that's not known by all the fashion gurus and aficionados by now. Chenji also holds the credit for being one amongst the few photographers from India who worked for the much-acclaimed National Geographic Channel.

He is an Image Engineer who can not only create the right image mood and setting for any brand, but also visualize the impact and returns that an image will get for his clients, in the long term. And this comes from having been doing just this for over two decades with remarkable success

Let Her Live Her Life

The naxalites brutally gunned down 76 police men of the CRPF in an ambush.

Man Mohan Singh was off on a tour of the USA and Brazil where he was to project the face of India.

Cyclonic winds had knocked out many dwellings in Bengal.

India had built its own cryogenic rocket and was test launching it.

IPL had announced two new teams. One for Kochi and one for Pune.

The Chief Minister of Gujarat was summoned by an enquiry commission regarding riots in Gujarat.

All that we Indians had to respond with was, “How dare she?”

“Ask her to return all the medals and honours she won.”

“Are there no Indian Muslims left that she had to marry a Pakistani?”

How is it the concern of millions of Indians that a little Indian girl, who had done better than any other Indian girl in tennis,
was marrying someone?

That she was considered a ‘decent’ player internationally and nothing more.

That she also came from a family that loved her and nurtured her.

We are quickly turning into masters of the mundane and futile.

That great matches and awesome cricketing talent is on display is not as important as a Ministers’ alleged affection
for a lady [a very pretty one at that] from Dubai.

The importance of something that doesn’t concern us is supreme.

Particularly if it concerns the personal life of others.

People take umbrage, spit venom, turn patronizing, abusive, in fact they turn to give their opinion.

How should it affect us if Sania Mirza is marrying?

I’ve known this girl as a little kid of maybe 16. And now, she is all of what? 22?

Somewhere along the way, almost everyone I know appropriated her for his or her brand of Hyderabad and India. An epitome of sportswomen in the Nation. A person to look up to.

New parents of little girls named their daughters after her with the hope that they would emulate her.

Everyone conveniently forgot that within that idol lives a small girl, gritty and determined who has now turned into a woman.

Happens everywhere. In everyone’s house. Their sister’s, daughter’s, niece’s..… everyone.

They all grow up, most of them fall in love and a few of them listen to you and believe that you are the wisest person on
earth, so any choice made by you for them is brilliant. They will wear a red saree and not wear sneakers if you say so. They will attend a dance training school and skip the swimming classes, and so on.

Eventually, they will find their own level of comfort or discomfort. All that we have achieved is to breed a person who is incapable of thinking for herself.

Let her live her life. You had no say in it when she was training hard. It was her father and mother who fed her, clothed her and took her to tennis practise sessions assiduously who should be concerned. When they are happy, let’s look at something better.

How about running an effort to green Hyderabad?

Month: May 2010.

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