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Home Cover Features Riot of Activities!

Riot of Activities!

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Riot of Activities!

With annual exams over and getting into a new class, children would be excitedly looking forward to the summer vacation? What are your children doing this summer? This is the longest break one gets in a year. It is always better to learn one activity - language, literature, music and art that will help them grow into better individuals.

It is summer time now! Very soon children would be having their long summer break. Some of them would be off to their Grandparents’ home on their annual vacation. If it is in the rural setting, oh, what fun it would be as the green expanse would be so beautiful and pleasing for the eyes. Getting up early and taking a stroll in the fields will be a breath taking and memorable experience.

Even if it is in urban setting, grandparents are grandparents. They would bestow their love and affection on them and regale them with stories of their childhood and their parent’s childhood. Some of them would teach them about the stories in the Panchatantra, Mythology and of great leaders. While some others would be off with their parents on a location to serene tourist spots.

Riot of Activities!

However, by now those who are at home must be cycling on their bicycles around the apartment block with their friends to the nearest market. Cricket, badminton, tennis, pithu games have all returned to keep the children excited. Well, we do agree that play is an important part of life but at the same time we insist that every child by the end of the holidays must have picked up one hobby. Morning time can be hobby time and evening - play time, when it is cool.

During summers it is advisable to learn classical arts like music and dance, painting, sketching, clay modeling, pottery, some innovative craft, meditation, yoga, swimming or for those interested to improve their vocabulary can join some creative classes. Those who love adventure can join some adventure camp or those interested in picking languages can start learning German, French Japanese or our own Sanskrit language. Some of them can help out their parents at home.

Dinayat Ali of Outlife says that children who attend summer camps often show an increase in self-confidence and independence. “They learn positive values from positive role models and gain leadership and communication skills outside of the school and home setting. Children have a chance to develop as individuals and are given the freedom to be themselves. The Children will learn practical outdoor and life skills turning them into confident, creative and self-reliant individuals,” he says.

We list below some summer activities for children. Check it out.

Riot of Activities!

Classical Arts

Every Child must take pride in the country’s traditional arts. Be it dance or music. There are so many different forms of classical arts in our country. Beginning with Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakalli, Oddissi, Kathak, Prerini Natyam, Vilasini Natyam, and Mohiniattam among many others. In music, there is the traditional Carnatic or Hindustani or in the instruments there is Violin, Sitar, Sarod, and in the percussion - Mridangam, Tabla, Flute or Harmonium. Children have a lot of choices to learn one art from these. The classical arts will no doubt help us to retain our Samskruti. Salsa and Ballet too are catching up in the city.

At some places, youngsters are learning Bollywood dance, Hip Hop and others. Learning any art is good as it helps you to relax your mind, body and soul. Teachers across the city are teaching these art forms. Pick one near your place of stay.


Picking up a pencil and making a sketch too is an art. Sometimes, we are unable to draw a straight line too. Teachers advise parents to give their child colouring books and ask them to colour it in the blocks. This activity helps the kids in many ways. It helps them to concentrate and be alert. So that the colour doesn’t come out of the block and it also helps them in writing neatly. Who knows what turns out to be a fun activity in childhood could become a profession in the future. So better to skecth.


This is no longer a girl’s activity. In fact boys too are coming forward to learn cooking and stitching. The art of becoming independent is helping them to learn these activities. First you love to cook without using fire and slowly make those dishes and surprise your parents with cooking. Well it is better to learn putting a stitch on the dress/shirt before it needs a major repair. Also one can stitch a button on your own.

Kung Fu/ Taichi

Learning martial art is a must nowadays for boys and girls. They not only learn to protect themselves but also to be more disciplined and healthy. In this category, the children can learn the traditional martial art from Kerala, Kalaripayattu.

Riot of Activities!

Learn Languages

It is always fun to know a language other than your mother tongue. In school, we learn English, Hindi and Sanskrit, while some of them learn Japanese, French or German. How fun it would be if one learnt French or German this summer. Goethe Zentrum Hyderabad is organizing German summer course for children. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe believed that there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. ‘One of these is roots, the other, wings.’

In the German language summer course, children will learn German through games, puzzles, songs, stories and other activities. “Our course is designed to develop language skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) and our methodology encourages confidence, creativity, communication and team-working skills,” says the counselor at Goethe Zentrum. So give your children wings by giving them an opportunity to learn a foreign language!

Instrumental Music

Hyderabad Western Music Forum (HWMF) Academy presents an Introduction to Music Course for children aged five to eight and nine to 12. HWMF’s Joe Koster says that the course will focus on developing musical abilities for children, including rhythmic and melodic skills. “After this course, they can pick up different instruments or the vocal training confidently and excel in it,” Koster says. He adds that the HWMF will teach - Notation and music reading; Playing musical instruments such as percussion and recorders and Making homemade musical instruments.

Koster says that teachers Nicole Connolly Bhatia and George Hull would teach music to the students. Nicole Connolly Bhatia studied music in Canada and teaches flute and beginner piano in Hyderabad through the HWMF Academy.  George Hull is a Saxophonist who plays with some popular jazz bands in town - Jazz for Joy & Jazzed Friends. He teaches wind instruments with the HWMF Academy.

Riot of Activities!

Young Adventurer

With many of them living in apartments and lack of parks and open space for playgrounds many children would love outdoor activities. Oh! What fun it would be to enjoy with your own age group and learn to be on your own. Outlife is organizing five days and four nights Outdoor Summer Camp at Keesargutta. The camp is being conducted for children in the age Group of 8 to 15 years (Boys and Girls). The camp is under the supervision of Diyanat Ali, the founder of GHAC and Outlife. Outlife focuses on bringing Outdoor Education to Schools and youngsters to enhance personal development.

Diyanat Ali says that nowadays children spend less time in Nature and the outdoors than any earlier generation, depriving themselves of the emotional and physical benefits that come from bonding with nature leading to a disorder known as Nature Deficit Disorder. “Instead of going green, the young ones are going screen. Indian Kids spend on an average daily eight hours on TV, Games and Gadgets.”

Activities include Nature and Adventure based Learning, Experiential Learning, Cultural and Personality Development activities.

Make a Robo

All of us dream of robo doing our work, how fun it would be if we could learn to build our own robo. Children in the age group of seven to 16 years have a chance of learning to make a robo. To help them in this endeavor EduRobo Pvt Ltd offers various facets of Robotics education to students and aid them emerge into inquisitive young engineer. Their modules enhance logical and critical thinking among students. EduRobo offers different programme and modules for students.

Children in the age group of 7-11 years will be introduced to Robotics and small group activities in one session. In the next two sessions, they will make a Mini Project - Walker and in the Major Project - Remote Control Bot, in another two sessions. Children in the age group of 12-16 years will be introduced to Robotics and Basic Electronics, Circuits in the first session. In four sessions, they will make a Mini Project - Traffic Lights and Major Project - Light Following Robot. The camp will be on from April 11-25.

Histrionics Display

As a child and mostly at school, not a day would pass when one will not mimic the other. Sometimes we mimic our favourite or not so favourite teacher or at a fancy dress competition, we enact like a Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa. How better would it be if we learnt a few theatrics from an expert. To whet the appetite of youngsters the Samhaara Theatre group headed by Rathna Shekhar Reddy and Anjali Parvati Koda hold classes for juniors. Reddy says that theatre is the best learning tool to inculcate confidence, develop public-speaking and narrative skills for children. It makes them more creative, better team players and gives them tools to express themselves.

Samhaara promises a fun-filled workshop that is entertaining and educating for youngsters. “We have seen children come out of their shells, give life to their budding creativity and evolve as people. Samahaara has contributed in bringing out the best young theatre talent in the twin cities,” says Reddy.

The organiser says that the workshops are designed to introduce participants to the art of acting, focusing on learning the basics of Stage acting, Movement, Stage geography and Improvisation. As always workshops by Samahaara are fun and handled by experienced theatre professionals.

Samahaara Children’s Theatre Workshop is for children in the ages of eight to 13 years. It gets off on 18th April and ends on 6th May 2016. There are two batches from 10 AM to 12 Noon and 4 PM to 6 PM at Gachibowli, Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills.

Riot of Activities!

Instilling Creativity

Nayantara Nandakumar of Our Sacred Space says: “Sending your child to summer camp is an incredibly effective way of seeing them rise to their full potential. It empowers them to step out of their comfort zones and learn new things, make new friends in a new environment without the help of parents.” She says that at Our Sacred Space, Summer Camp is all about being confident, creative, learning new skills, doing fun things and creating happy memories for a life time.

“We offer Music, Yoga, Indian Sign Language, Kung Fu, Salsa, Taichi, Cooking, Stitching, Art, Craft, Interactive theatre and pottery for our summer camp students aged from 5-14 years,” Nayantara says, adding the summer camp would be held May 3 to 31, 2016.

All-round Development

Another centre that increases the passion of learning is the Books n More, a library and activity centre, in Secunderabad. “We offer reading programs, math programs, storytelling workshops, theatre workshops, communication skills programs and other activities for all round development of a child’s personality,” says director Varsha Ramesh. She quickly adds that they also offer baking and chocolate making classes for women.

Recently, the youngsters here had a robot building activity. While learning on France, the children had a lot of fun-filled activity. Varsha says: “We built an Eiffel Tower, and cooked up a French bread sweet, walked the ramp in fashionable Paris, in French learnt to say Good Day.” Oh! What fun it is, if the kids learn about one country like this. Here there are many activities.

Riot of Activities!

Academically Right

Bina Bhandari, founder of Turn the Tables, come every summer holds workshops for children. At her workshop, the children are involved in more creative activities. “At my workshop, each session is for two hours and the duration is either a week or a fortnight,” Bina says, adding that all her classes begin on a Monday. “More importantly they are for children nine years and above.

At Turn the Tables, Bina has split her academic activity into seven categories. They are - The Art of Debating, Public Speaking and Poetry Reading; two levels of Public Speaking and Creative Writing; Understanding English Grammar; Spell-Fun and the Art of Conversation, Body Language, Table Etiquette and the basics of Interviewing Skills.

Those of you, who are interested in public speaking will learn, Bina says: “Understanding speech making in relation to communication goals such as to inform, motivate, persuade and stimulate.” In creative writing, children will learn the tools to writing well. “This will include Poetry, Story and Essay. Develop plot, theme, setting, character, dialogue and the essentials of sentence and paragraph structure,” says Bina. The workshops kick off on April 25 and ends on June 4.

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