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Puttaparti - Introduction

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PIOUS PUTTAPARTI - The abode of Bhagwan Shri Satya Sai Baba
Daily Programme
Offices & Accommodation
The power of Darshan
Places of interest inside the Ashram
Places of interest outside the Ashram
Education institutions
Hospitals and medical facilities
Code of conduct at Prasanthi Nilayam
Seva and general information
Festival and functions at the Ashram
Life sketch of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba

Born on the 23rd November 1926, Bhagawan Baba's life has been a consistent manifestation of His Divinity. His birth itself was accompanied by strange phenomena: the musical instrument in the house started playing on their own; a cobra was found lying under the child's bed. Even as a toddler, He identified himself with all living beings and, abhorring the killing of birds and animals for food, he refused to take meat.

Even at the age of four he could not stand suffering, and displaying infinite compassion, was generous in giving charity. By the age of 8, he organised groups of his age to sing the glory of the lord and taught them bhajans, which with his talent for poetry, he had composed himself.

At the early age, remarkable miraculous powers manifested in him, such as the distribution of sweet as "PRASAD" from an empty bag after worship of the Lord foretelling events, materialising articles from no where etc. Fearing that the extraordinary powers were due to the possession of his body by some spirit, His relations tried to exorcise the spirit by various means involving bodily torture, all of which he suffered with serenity. In the course of such attempts, he declared that he was Sai Baba reborn.

The puttaparthy village in South India had not heard of Sai Baba of Shirdi, a village to the North West, 1000 Kms away. At the age of 14, on 20th October 1940, He announced that He did not belong to his family, that the Maya {Illusion}he had assumed has been discarded and that he was going to his devotees, who were calling him to launch his divine mission.

Thereafter increasing number of devotees gathered around him. Then followed a series of, miracles which emanated from Him for the pleasure and well-being of his devotees. These included plucking a variety of fruits from a tamarind tree {since known as the Kalpa Vriksha} near the Chitravathi river helping his devotees by his powers of omnipresence, curing devotees of incurable diseases and materialising objects for devotees as symbols of his grace.

Miracles of this kind are continuing to the day, not only in India but also in many other parts of the world where people searching for God are finding in him the object and fulfillment of their search.

Bhagawan Baba's emphasis in recent years has been on free education, to ensure, that future generations are brought up with necessary training for carrying out his mission. Projects such as free medical and health services to relieve human suffering and rural development for improving condition of living for the weaker sections of society have been instituted. In accordance with the divine will of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba pure and protected drinking water was supplied to quench the thirst of thousands of people in 731 villages in Anantapur District, by laying 2500 Kms length of pipelines, constructing hundreds of reservoirs and overhead tanks at a cost of more than 250 crores of rupees. Such a huge project, unparalleled in human history was envisaged and completed in less than a year.

This is a monumental example of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's benevolence of the betterment of the living conditions of the masses in remote villages.

Bhagawan Baba's Mission
Bhagawan Baba's mission does not imply any new cult or religion.
Its principal objectives are:
  • To help the individual (i) to be aware of Divinity that is inherent in him and to conduct himself accordingly to achieve the ultimate goal of union with the Divine: {ii} to translate into practice in daily life, Divine love and perfection: and thereby {iii} to fill one's life with joy, harmony, beauty, grace human excellence and ever - lasting happiness
  • To ensure that all human relations are governed by the principles of Sathya {Truth}, Dharma {Righteous Conduct}, Prema {Love}, Shanthi {Peace} and Ahimsa {Non- Violence}
  • To make devotees of any religious more sincere and dedicated in the practice of their respective religious by understanding property the true spirit of Religious.

The principal means prescribed by Bhagawan Baba for Achieving these objectives are by observing the following four principles:

  • There is only ONE RELIGION, the religion of love
  • There is only ONE CASTE, the caste of humanity
  • There is only ONE LANGUAGE, the language of the heart
  • There is only ONE GOD and He is Omni - Present
  • By constant remembrance of God and looking upon all creation as only a manifestation of Divinity in different forms and shapes
  • By underlining the essential unity of all religious and securing a proper understanding of all religious as being based on love
  • By looking upon all work as service dedicated to the Divine
  • By bringing to bear upon all life's problems attitudes flowing from Divine Love, such as understanding, Compassion, tolerance and helpfulness
  • By basing all actions on Love of Divinity, fear of sin and steadfast observance of morality in society {Davia Preethi, Papa Bheeti, and Sangha Neethi}
  • By engaging in spiritual, educational and service activites, both at the individual and community level, in an organised manner, without expecting any material reward or appreciation, but solely as a means to winning God's a Love and Grace.


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