Feb 22nd
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Places to see (Tirupati)

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Swami Pushkarini

A dip in this highly sacred tank adjacent to the temple is considered a custom before entering the temple. According to the legend, Swami Pushkarini was a pleasures tank of Lord Vishnu in Vaikuntam, and was brought to earth by Garuda for the sport of Lord Venkateswara.


Mahatyam of Sri Swamy Pushkarini

Sri Swami Pushkarini having been a pleasure tank of god in vaikuntha, is beloved of Goddess Lakshmi and Bhoodevi. Its water is holy, fragrant, agreeable and auspicious. It is the birthplace of Ganga and other sacred rivers. This Pushkarini was brought and set here by Garuda for the sport of Lord Vishnu. It destroys all sins. Like the Viraja river in Heaven, it dispels sins, such as those emanating from the theft of silver and gold, from the drinking of intoxicating liquors and other vices, and bestows temporal prosperity on those who bathe in it each day and yields their desires through mere sight and touch of it, by a bath in it or even by an intense thought of its mahima. It grants all wishes. Its connection with Venkatadrisa enhances its worth.

Sri Varaha appraised the greatness of the Venkatachala and of the Swami Pushkarini and other tirthas on it to his beloved spouse Sri Dharani Devi (Sri Bhudevi) and in the course of it, he said, 'All the tirthas in the 3 worlds, combined together may equal the Swami Pushkarini in merit'. Being the mistress of all the Punya teerthas in the three worlds, it has acquired the significant name of 'Swami Pushkarini'. It is only to serve this sacred Swami Pushkarini as mistress that all the teerthas abide on this holy hill. Lord Sri Rama arrived on the Venkatachala at the request of Anjanadevi, bathed in the Swami Pushkarini along with his associates rested for the night at it, resumed his march to the battle field in Lanka and conquered Ravana.


Sri Bedi Anjaneya Swami

The temple of Sri Anjaneyaswamy facing the Mahadwaram of Sri Venkateswara shrine houses the image of Bedi Hanuman. According to a legend Hanuman attempted to flee from the holy hills in search of his Onte Vahanam (Camel Vehicle).

In order to prevent Anjaneya's flight his mother Anjana Devi residing near Akasa Ganga at Anjanadri of Sapthagiri (7 Hills) prevailed upon her son and tied the celestial bedi (Hand-cuffs) to his hands with the aid of several monkeys living there, so as to make Anjaneya stay in devotion in front of the Lord's temple to fulfill her desire.


Lord Sri Varaha Swamy Temple

It is customary for the devotees to offer worship at the shrine of Sri Varahaswamy located beside the Pushkarini. Lord Vishnu assumed the form of a boar to rescue Bhudevi from the clutches of the demon Hiranyaksha. According to the legends, Varahaswamy was the Kshetrapala of the hill of Lord Venkateswara and approached him for some space to reside there. Therefore it is ordained that worship should be offered to Varahaswami varu first before proceeding to Lord Venkateswara's shrine. In this temple Sri varahaswamy stands with his leg raised up and holds Bhudevi in his arms.



The Temple is about 21 km. from Tirupati railway station and 3 km from Tirumala bus stand. There are frequent buses from this place. The place is known as the meditation place of Anjana Devi, mother of Hindu God, Hanuman. The water, which flows here, is to date not known of its origin.

Vaikuntha Tirtham
It is at a distance of about 3 kms. north east of the temple.



Located 43kms from Tirupathi, the Kailasanathakona perennial waterfalls originate from a creek in a rock. This enchanting landscape becomes all the more worth seeing as there is a small temple of Shiva and Parvathi. The water is considered to have medicinal values. Try this out.



This is one of the three archives discovered in the whole world. It appears like a bridge between two rocks and so, it is called Toranam. It is 2km from main temple.



It is said that Papanasam water will wash away all the sins, as it is believed that this water comes from the feet of the Lord. This was a natural waterfall, but the water is arranged to flow from the mouth of Lions. A reservoir is constructed here, which supplies water to the whole of Tirumala.


Tumburu Thirtham
About 16 kms. north of the temple.



The Hanuman temple at Japali, is one if the least known and most worthy places in visit in Tirumala. After a kilometer's trek into the woods, the darshan of Lord Anjaneya is really a memorable experience. It is located 3kms from Gogarbham dam.


TTD Gardens

The Devasthanams maintains beautiful ornamental gardens with rare species of plants and trees.


Asthana Mandapam ( Sada Halls)

This is the venue for the devotional programmes like discourses, music concerts, harikathas and bhajans conducted under the auspices of Dharma Prachara Parishad.


Sri Venkateshwara Dhyana Mandiram ( SV Museum)

This building, an architectural beauty, houses a museum, meditation centre and photo gallery.


Meditation Centres

Devotees can meditate on the Lord and relax their weary minds at the meditation centres located at S.V.Museum and vaibhavotsavamandapam, Tirumala.


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